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About D.P. Builders, Inc.

D.P. Builders, Inc. has one of the best management teams in the business and performs work of only the highest quality. When you choose D.P. Builders, Inc., you will have much more than just a project superintendent. You will have a committed, experienced team working for you. In fact, several members of our personnel have been working together for more than 23 years.

Our project managers, superintendents, and office staff have worked with clients nationwide. In addition, our staff has acute knowledge of and has worked with many lending institutions and building departments throughout the country.

Our building team is comprised of talented craftsmen skilled in various disciplines of construction, installation, and design. Whether your project involves fine wood work, Venetian plaster installation, hardscape (wood and stone landscaping), stone and water features, or even delicate electronic equipment, you will be amazed by what D.P. Builders, Inc. can do.

About Dale Peterson

Dale Peterson is a third-generation builder with vast experience with projects that have costs ranging into the millions. Dale possesses a deep understanding of costs and value engineering and takes a hands-on approach to building trade, all of which helps to achieve excellent results.


To ensure an accurate cost estimate, D.P. Builders, Inc. utilizes a state-of-the-art digitizing system and database. Given the changing rates of material costs as well as labor costs, this system is an essential tool of the trade.


D.P. Builders, Inc. knows that a good project depends on good equipment. This is why we own and operate our own equipment, including:

In addition, every D.P. Builders, Inc. truck is equipped with all the tools necessary to complete the tasks at hand.

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